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Chameleon Reader Review

Chameleon Reader

I discovered the best gift for the bilingual family

When looking for pedagogical materials to expose my children to the second language, it’s always a bit of a treasure hunt. In Italy, where, let’s face it, feeling for learning foreign languages is still at the beginning, it is difficult even to find books in English in bookstores. When I came across the Chameleon Reader web site and I found this tool for raising “multilingual” children, I gasped. As I am a shopping addicted, I immediately had to try it. The scenarios of use of the Chameleon Reader are incredible: from creating multi lingual audiobooks, to music, the possibility of carrying, in a very small space, an enormous amount of material in the second language, on the road, in vacation, at the restaurant, or in the pediatrician’s waiting room. Here is my Chameleon Reader review: how it works, pros and cons.

Create a library of multi lingual audiobooks

Let’s start with the thing that is most important to me: reading in the second language. Nothing compares for a child to reading in the lap of an adult. But you don’t always have the opportunity to be physically present with your child. Among other things, as children grow up, they often leaf through the books independently, without being able to read them yet. Chameleon Reader allows you to transform all your children’s books into multi lingual audio books, with the possibility to record up to 4 tracks in different languages! I decided to start with one of our favorite books “The Storm Whale” di Benji Davies, and then continue with “On Sudden Hill” di Linda Sarah . Since I am starting to introduce a third language, I have recorded the reading in English, Italian and French.

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Auto translation: how to create a bilingual library

Not only that, we also have a lot of books in Italian, and which I have always read to my twins in English. Since they are now 6 years old and beginning to read, I have decided to make these books trilingual too. It will be interesting to see how they will interact with reading in Italian and audio in other languages. Among other things, we started late with French, and a tool like this will allow me to increase interest and exposure to the third language, which they will study in middle school. My only regret is having discovered Chameleon Reader only now: the potential and benefits for younger children are incredible!

How to purchase Chameleon Reader

To buy your Chameleon Reader, visit www.chameleon-reader.com
Do not forget to enter the promo code piccolicamaleonti before completing the purchase to receive a 10 euro couponfor next order to create multilingual material with virtually no limit!

Not just books: music to sing in the second language

But if books are fundamental in exposure to the second language, so is music. The Chameleon Reader pen also works as an Mp3 player, where you can load songs in the second language. And to protect us from severe headaches, those who come to you after listening to “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” for three hundred times in a row, the Chameleon Reader is equipped with a headphone jack. The first song that Giulio asked me to load into the pen is “Don’t stop me now” by the Queen, confirming that, among other things, I also passed him the genes of good musical taste. I gloated, since a few years ago he claimed that his favorite song was “One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive”!

The second language in your pocket

This tool allows you to have almost unlimited access to your resources in the second language. Long journeys by car or plane will no longer be a problem. Just bring the Chameleon Reader with you and entertain your child with his favorite audiobooks and songs. By creating audiobooks and songs playlists you can also leave the paper book at home and opt for the audio book only.

A didactic tool for teachers

Chamaleon Reader is not limited to books and songs. It can be used with flash cards, to practice pronunciation, or for interactive games with music. I am not a teacher, but I can easily figure out how it could be used to create multilingual teaching materials to make language lessons stimulating and interactive.

Beyond bilingualism, a link with distant loved ones

The possibility is not only to create material in multiple languages, but also to make the voices of different people heard. If your parents live far away or even in another country, you can record their voice. You can record the same book told by grandma, grandpa, auntie, and dad. The child can chose from time to time which person will read the book. If one of the parents has to stay away from home for a period, for example, on a business trip, your child can hear the good night fairy tale directly from mum’s or dad’s lips before falling asleep.

Pros and cons

Like any self-respecting review, here you are with the positive and negative aspects of Chameleon Reader. The system is very simple to use once you have learned it, but, as with any electronic device, you will have to practice a little. If you misread the paragraph of a book, don’t worry, you can repeat the registration until it satisfies you. Unfortunately, the instructions aren’t in many languages, and that’s basically the only “cons”. In any case, I would have had difficulty understanding the operation using only the paper instructions. I recommend visiting the official website to use the video tutorials that are extremely clear. These are the ones that I found most useful and that I recommend you follow step by step to learn how to use the pen.


  • It is certainly an ideal support for multilingual children, but it is also excellent for learning a foreign language in school age.
  • The tool grows with the child depending on the materials to which it is applied.
  • Encourages reading independently, creating additional moments of play related to speech and language.
  • It is an excellent technological entertainment that avoids the use of screens. Instead of using a cell phone, Chameleon Reader can be a resource in moments of crisis, to entertain the child obtaining a double benefit: a useful and constructive activity and a moment of peace for mom and dad.

For doubts or questions on the use of Chameleon Reader, do not hesitate to ask: we have become experts!

* The 10 euro coupon is valid for 1 time and has no time limit. It can be used for purchasing extra readers, additional stickers packs (upcoming) or share with a friend to purchase the starter set. The coupon will be sent to the mail you provided for registration.

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