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Chameleon Reader

Chameleon Reader Review

I discovered the best gift for the bilingual family When looking for pedagogical materials to expose my children to the second language, it’s always a bit of a treasure hunt. In Italy, where, let’s face it, feeling for learning foreign languages is still at the beginning, it is difficult even to find books in English in bookstores. When I came across the Chameleon Reader web site and I found this tool for raising “multilingual” children, I gasped. As I am a shopping addicted, I immediately had to try it. The scenarios of use of the Chameleon Reader are incredible: from creating multi lingual audiobooks, to music, the possibility of carrying, in a very small space, an enormous amount of material in the second language, on the road, in vacation, at the restaurant, or in the pediatrician’s waiting room. Here is my Chameleon Reader review: how it works, pros and cons.

10 ten libri

Top 10 books for 0-3 years old in the second language

You will find this top 10 list of books a little unconventional. These books were suggested to me by parents who teach their children a second language. Some of these books have been given to us as a present, and we loved them for a long time. Others have been suggested to me by other parent bloggers. I tried to range from Italian, to French, English, German and Spanish authors, possibly translated into several languages. Please beware, the order is not a ranking, these books are all our favorites. “Mon amour” – Astrid Desbordes This book was recommended to me by a French mother blogger with whom I have had the opportunity to speak in a Facebook group. I’ve never read it to my kids, but I recommend it wholeheartedly to all bilingual families. The book is about mother and child unconditional love: the graphic is modern with some retro touch, the colors are soothing to the eyes. Definitely suitable for small children, with a message that will make you melt. It is also a wonderful present for a newborn. Here …