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10 ten libri

Top 10 books for 0-3 years old in the second language

You will find this top 10 list of books a little unconventional. These books were suggested to me by parents who teach their children a second language. Some of these books have been given to us as a present, and we loved them for a long time. Others have been suggested to me by other parent bloggers. I tried to range from Italian, to French, English, German and Spanish authors, possibly translated into several languages. Please beware, the order is not a ranking, these books are all our favorites. “Mon amour” – Astrid Desbordes This book was recommended to me by a French mother blogger with whom I have had the opportunity to speak in a Facebook group. I’ve never read it to my kids, but I recommend it wholeheartedly to all bilingual families. The book is about mother and child unconditional love: the graphic is modern with some retro touch, the colors are soothing to the eyes. Definitely suitable for small children, with a message that will make you melt. It is also a wonderful present for a newborn. Here …